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A vast number of interior decorators and interior designers are looking after to find the best way to enhance appearance of a home with the rugged beauty of natural stone and brick tiles and stonecrete claddings.

Natural Stone Tiles

Handcrafted Natural Stone Cladding Tiles

Natural Stones are cut in variety of sizes, shapes and textures to compliment both interior and exterior wall in endless designs of versatile stone panels tiles, designer stone wall mosaics, that can be applied to all areas giving a rustic twist. The exclusive products provided by our company is Stone cladding tiles includes Stone wall panel, designer wall murals, glass mosaics,wall coverings stone, garden stepping stones and paving stones for landscaping and natural stone engraving ideas. Take a look at our wall cladding stone tiles such as stone wall mosaics, exterior wall tiles, wall cladding tiles , elevation wall tiles in variety of colors

Brick Cladding Tile

Natural Clay Brick are fired clay Tiles

Cladding bricks tiles are a great way to get the beautiful aesthetics of an exposed brick wall. Brick Cladding Tile is an easy to install option for both interior as well as outside walls. Facing bricks are the most popular type of brick and have been the façade material of choice in the world over for thousands of years, particularly in the housing market. Traces of first used from mohjodharro to now modern and western countries facing bricks have been the first preference whether constructing a house, hospital, School to most modern university or commercial center. This material come with great versatility and dependability. They are primarily used for the external walls of a building and so are generally chosen for their aesthetic qualities. As the façade material has the biggest impact on the external aesthetics of a building, alongside the design, selecting the right material is a very important decision. With over 1000 different facing bricks available in the UK there is a facing brick for all types of projects from traditional to ultra-modern

Stonecrete Cladding

Light Weight Cement mixed with other materials

StoneCrete wall cladding tile which harnesses the elegance and beauty of nature. Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients and the craftsmanship of our artisans has enabled us to create a product which captures the inherent beauty of natural stone without the negative environment impact of mining for natural stone. Our designs have been carefully selected from stones available from all across the world. Our artisans work diligently by hand to add life to the designs and manufacture a product which reflects the awe inspiring beauty of nature.When you look closely at our stone veneers you will notice an unmatched detailing of textures and variation of colours. colour palettes are designed using inspiration from different natural settings from anywhere to Rocky Mountains to Desert Sands, from Coastal cliffs to Glaciers, from shale rock to timber wood. StoneWiz manufactured stone as compared to traditional natural stone is lightweight, easier and faster to install fungus resistant, eco friendly and require very little maintenance.

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